Achieve Operational Excellence through the ProPeC® end-to-end system

A thorough operational excellence program designed to stimulate lasting profitable change. We deliver measurable business improvement through a comprehensive approach that engage with executives, senior management teams and the workforce. We consult, train and help you deliver on the key actions identified.

After various rounds of LEAN training we were still lacking something which would make our continuous improvement drive self-sustaining. The ProPeC® model was the perfect tool to identify exactly what was needed and as a result the “Pike Improvement Process” was born. Employee engagement and participation has exceeded our expectations. As well as the direct tangible benefits the improvement to teamwork and culture has wider benefits throughout the organisation – it just ‘feels’ better!
— Jon Allen, Manager Director, Pike Textile Display

The Operational Excellence System

ProPeC® Microscope

Phase 1

This phase involves a detailed assessment of your organisation's current situation on the ground and identifies your desired outcomes and targets. A ProPeC® Microscope Current State Analysis Report and Project Proposal outlines the opportunities your organisation has for operational improvement and demonstrates the real financial gains related to each opportunity. The training needs and cultural changes necessary for your organisation to achieve the changes you are seeking will also be clearly identified.

Key activities include an Operational Excellence Health Check, a Skills and Knowledge Assessment and Cultural Diagnostics including Opportunity Analysis and Gap Analysis

ProPeC® Traction

Phase 2

This phase delivers on Phase 1, 2 and 3 through planning activities and carrying out mini projects within the larger strategic Operational Excellence Project. The work involves bringing teams together, clarifying goals and objectives, increasing skills and knowledge at all levels, on-boarding, generating enthusiasm and excitement, influencing the narrative, creating support and goodwill, working with managers and teams to instigate projects and putting in structures and processes for monitoring and delivering improvement.

Having completed ProPec® Traction:

  • Levels of awareness about the project and its aims are high
  • Enthusiasm for the project is high
  • There is clarity about the mini project goals and how they deliver high level project objectives
  • Engagement with the cultural and behavioural change elements are high
  • Levels of skills and knowledge are increasing
  • Projects have started
  • Controls are in place

ProPeC® Momentum

Phase 3

This phase involves keeping the ProPeC® Operational Excellence Project moving. Mini projects need to remain on track. Training is being delivered, new processes are being followed, new rituals and habits are being established and milestones are being reached. Maintaining sustainable levels of enthusiasm, interest and ongoing co-operation is essential. There will be ongoing shifts occurring in perception of “what we do around here”, and there will be new ways of describing roles, processes and accountabilities. Blockages and barriers previously identified will be dealt with. There will be ongoing measurement of results and providing feedback to managers and the workforce. There will also be an element of planning and developing of processes and structures for the final Sustain phase.

Having completed Propec® Momentum

  • Enthusiasm for the project are at sustainable levels
  • Mini projects are delivering or have delivered results 
  • Behaviour change is measurable and observable
  • Levels of skills and knowledge are delivering results
  • The project is delivering operational excellence against agreed measures
  • A detailed plan for the Sustain Phase is complete

ProPeC® Sustain

Phase 4

This phase helps you maintain your gains in improved operational performance measured through your business KPIs. It helps ensure no slippage in levels of operational performance or in supporting behaviours and culture. The processes remain robust and resilient and are still being followed even when changes in personnel happen and positive habits are ongoing.

Activities include

  • Executive coaching for senior teams
  • Scheduled operational, culture and skills health checks
  • Maintenance coaching sessions
  • Ongoing training for new starters
  • Awareness sessions for new starters

Having completed Propec® Sustain

  • Improvement is sustained
  • Targets are consistently reached
  • New starters are incorporated into the culture
  • Ongoing improvements are investigated
  • The ProPeC® Operational Excellence project can be used as a brand enhancing case study