How we work

ProPeC® stands for Process, People and Culture. These three areas are the very foundation of ProPeC® and our experience shows that any business improvement programme requires an organisation to address them for long term sustainable success.

Watch our short (2:36) introduction video to understand more about the three areas we focus on - process, people and culture. 


We help organisations achieve operational excellence through consultancy, training and coaching programmes.


1. Consultancy

There are four consultancy modes that help your organisation achieve long term change.

1. ProPeC® Microscope enables you to measure and understand where you are now through a unique set of diagnostic tools. The focus will be on identifying why you want to change, what you want instead and the priority target areas. This will highlight the things that need change in order to meet your goals. What processes need attention? What skills do your people need to improve? How does your culture need to change?  

2. ProPeC® Traction helps you initiate and create the kind of excitement that generates interest and ownership within the team. We will get the workforce involved right at the beginning of the process. We will ask questions like, what sort of business do we want? What are we trying to achieve? How will this be beneficial for you as an individual? What will you need to change? This work is about giving all team members a project road map and getting the project launched.

3. ProPeC® Momentum is about tackling the problems you have defined and maintaining progress once the initial excitement begins to wane. At this stage we are likely to be delivering training and coaching, dealing with barriers and challenges and ensuring we continue in the right direction.

4. ProPeC® Sustain provides long term support for continuous business improvement through ongoing support, audits and realignment. We help sustain interest and ensure gains are not lost. Unfortunately, where there is no ongoing support, as people, technology and time change, things are likely to go wrong again. But through an ongoing relationship and a culture of continuous business improvement, your organisation won’t have to significantly reinvest on a cyclical basis.

ProPeC spent time with team members from across different functions and levels of seniority and produced a highly readable and practical Diagnostics report. We found this a useful way to identify how closely the business culture was aligned to our process improvement goals as well as identify areas we wanted to target for improvement
— Mark Arnold, Head of Operations, Univeg

2. Training

Since people are so important to the success of an organisation, training runs throughout the work we do. We offer digital e-learning, open leadership and management training workshops and bespoke high level consultative training through the ProPeC® operation excellence programme.

Our Team Leaders are now considerably more confident and are all performing very well as is shown by our current results. We would certainly recommend ProPeC® to other employers looking for practical useful and relevant training as part of a wider change programme.
— David Long, HR Manager, Doncasters

3. Coaching

Our coaching programmes are about asking people questions to help them think challenges through and take appropriate action. We use coaching with senior teams and individuals to facilitate important strategic conversations and decision making. We carry out group coaching to help identify the workforce vision to enable people to take ownership of change and be part of a dynamic future. We also do on-the-shoulder coaching to identify new behaviours and ways of doing things.

I am very pleased our business chose to work with you on various projects. Throughout our business people speak about you warmly and with respect for the work that you do and the way that you do it. There is an air of buoyancy after working with you and bringing out those positive attitudes in people is a precious talent.
— Business Development Manager


Three ways to help your organisation's leaders improve processes, people and culture

Short online courses

Access digital training and cost effectively train staff in key areas

Two day workshops

Set your leadership and management team on the path to lasting success

Optimal operational excellence

Deliver measurable improvement through an end-to-end system