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My name is Stephen Mather and I am the Managing Director at ProPeC® Business Improvement.

This page on our website has been designed especially for you if you are in the early stages of a ProPeC® Training Project. You can be assured of the highest standards of training when working with us and in order to get the most out your training project we have prepared this brief overview of how you can give your business the best chance of getting the results you need.

Getting Results!

The key to getting results and a return on investment from any training is firstly to be clear what you want as an outcome from the training project. Of course this differs from project to project but the more you identify the specific and measurable outcomes you need and why you need these outcomes the more we can ensure training delivers this. For instance on a management training project, simply acknowledging that your managers have not had any formal training and that they need some does not provide you with clear outcomes that you can measure, so have a think about what changes in their performance you want. What will they be doing that they are not doing now following the successful training? What new knowledge would you like them to have and what new skills do they need? As part of our preparation for your programme we will talk to you about what outcomes you need and how you will measure this. The more you, as the sponsor and the senior management team engage with this process the more likely it is that you see a genuine business return.

As well as having an overarching goal for the programme, change needs to happen at an individual level too so one of the single most important things you can do is to make sure that each attendee has a brief discussion with their manager (or sponsor) before the course to discuss what they want to get out of it and the manager's expectations and a discussion afterwards to plan the changes they will make. These discussions do not need to be difficult or lengthy and can be informal in style but they are vital if you want to see real change. I have put together a short video below to give you some advice about how to have those conversations (some company networks will not allow you to watch video so you may need to access this on a device or network without these restrictions).

Return on Investment Success Check List

Complete the checklist and details below and we will send you a free analysis of the return on investment from your programme along with advice about how to increase the effect of the project.

Return on investment checklist
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Download pre and post course forms to help with the conversation before and after training