Free Culture Analysis.

Does your culture support your business goals?

My name is Stephen Mather and I am the Founder of ProPeC® Business Improvement and I'm excited to tell you that during April we have set aside time to deliver a free Operational Cultural Analysis for up to three businesses*. 

Helping me during these analyses will be my colleague Rob Leaning, you can read more about our team here. The analysis includes:

  • An on-site diagnostic
  • Observation
  • Interviews
  • Facilitated Workshops
  • A presentation of findings to your senior team
  • A comprehensive report on your current prevailing culture and the impact it's having upon your business performance
  • A road map for change or improvement

Your Business Culture Affects Your Bottom Line

Culture affects the bottom line because it influences what people do and how they do it and so instead of treating them as separate problems a ProPeC® Operational Cultural Analysis identifies the link between culture and performance and what you can do to improve both, delivering a business return.

What makes a ProPeC® Operational Cultural Analysis different?

It doesn't use surveys to get people to tick boxes or try to answer questions in a few words. Instead you and your teams are really listened to, we observe, we ask questions, we listen to the stories people tell and observe the way they tell them.  Through this deeper analysis you gain insight into the current culture that pervades everything you do as a business and the opportunities you have to improve. Better still a ProPeC® Operational Cultural Analysis identifies a critical business driver such as quality, waste reduction or efficiency for you to target through changes to your culture.

What will the analysis identify?

A ProPeC® Operational Cultural Analysis will identify:

  • What your team really thinks is important and what they care about
  • What your people know about the business objectives and their role in achieving them
  • Where the gaps in knowledge and skills lie
  • The opportunities to improve your processes, skills and behaviour 
  • What you need to do to influence the way people think about the business and what they do
  • Specific and tangible changes you can make that will deliver short and long term measurable operational improvement.

*Offer subject to availability. All free analysis days must be booked and completed by April 30th 2016.

To book your slot or if you would like to know more either use the form below or give me a call on 01733 954147

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