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Further Reading

The Machine that Changed the World, Womack & Jones, 2007

ISBN: 978-1847370556

Description: A history of lean

The Toyota Way, Liker, 2004

ISBN 978-0071392310

Description: Principles of lean

All I Need To Know About Manufacturing I learned in Joe’s Garage: World Class Manufacturing Made Simple, Miller, 1994

ASIN: B008WA9Q50

Description: A story that demonstrates the practical aspects of lean approaches

A useful list of a Top 10 lean books


Handbook of Lean Manufacturing in the Food Industry, Dudbridge, 2011

ISBN: 978-1405183673

Description: One of a very few industry specific lean manuals, used as part of a degree in food manufacturing at the National Centre of Food Manufacturing. Full disclosure - the author is a former colleague.

Mindtools - https://www.mindtools.com/community/index.php

Description: A useful website with a wide range of business tools - lots of free stuff - more for a subscription